Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Sede del Governo, Dacca (Bangladesh). Alloggi per i ministri
Louis I. Kahn
(Kuressaare 1901 - New York 1974)
matita su carta da schizzi
cm 59,7 x 68,7
dono Romaldo Giurgola 1982
firmato e datato in basso a destra: "Louis I. Kahn ’65”


“The problem of an element in a composition appears again in the making of the anti-glare porches for the hostels. In this element it is recognized that the light be on the inside of the porch as well as the outside. If you have light – not necessarily sunlight – on the interior, the contrast between the darkness of the solids and the brightness of the openings is not great and, therefore, you do not feel the glare. The staggering of porches as the building rises offers the chance to get light into the porch, but a sliver of light is needed to give the presence of light to the interior. The sun is unwelcome. So far I have only half solved the problem. I’m stating it, but I have not solved it. The various explorations I have made of possible openings, some reminiscent of the past, are not really concrete forms although I think some of them are much more so than others”. Louis I. Kahn 
(da H. Romer, S. Jhaveri, A. Vasella, Louis I. Kahn. Complete work. 1935-74, Zurigo 1977)